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  2. Guns & Gun Items For Sale (Non FN)
    New in original wrapper and unopened. Factory Colt M4/M16 .22lr rimfire 30-round magazines. These will also fit the Umarex HK 416 in 30rd. I have 4 available. Price: $54.95 Location: S.E. Michigan If you order from a banned location your order will be canceled California - 10 rounds maximum...
  3. Black Rifle Room
    Since us cheap bastards in the ISSC forum have been going on an on about our miss-feeding .22lr SCAR repros, Id like to start a list of rifles that Id like to see chambered in .22. This is assuming it can be done well, and will funtion as well as its big boy counterpart, and look 0-90%...
  4. Black Rifle Room
    Hey guys, Unbelievably hard to get this Mk22 in San Francisco for some reason. I had one in my hand in a shop and the owner was literally trying to give it away and I thought (its a .22...I dont need this). By the time I figured out they are pretty awesome and the best option for cheap...
1-4 of 4 Results