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  1. Black FNX-45 for sale $600 Shipped

    FN Guns and FN items For Sale
    Selling my FNX-45 (non-tactical) in Black. Has roughly 60 rounds through it, in near new condition. Comes with 3 x 15 Round Mags, Original Plastic Case, Extra Backstrap, FN Lock, Manual, Fancy FN Sticker and Uninstalled Talon Grip. $600 shipped to you FFL. Call, Text, PM or Email me (Jeff) at...
  2. FNX 45 replacement barrel?

    FN FNX
    Hey, New to the forum. Just got an FNX-45 Tactical out here in California (through the annoying Single Shot Exemption process), but I need to make it legal by swapping out the barrel for a non-threaded version. I feel like I'm chasing a unicorn! Midwest Gunworks doesn't seem to stock them...
  3. Wife found me a new FNX-45 Tactical FDE, got it yesterday!

    FN FNX
    I have been searching for a FNX-45(Black or FDE didn't matter to me) Tactical locally and online for quite a while. I finally found one one of the big online gun sites. It is priced well above the normal asking price, I guess due to the current situation with anti-gun legislation proposals and...
  4. 1911 / .45 ACP Related Quotes

    Freestyle Room
    Pulled these off of the internet. Enjoy!! .45: For when you want to send the very best. .45 is like 9mm for adults! 45 ACP: Because a 9mm MIGHT expand, but a 45 will NEVER shrink .45 ACP: Because they don't make a .46 (Alternate: Why do I carry a .45? Because John Browning never...
  5. FNP Gun Porn

    FN FNP
    Let everyone see all of your gun porn pictures, just got done cleaning mine and took some sweet pictures
  6. FNP / FNX 45 Tactical Slide Stop / Release

    FN FNX
    I've searched far and wide for the answer to the slide stop discrepancies, but I've come up short every time... I've handled the FDE model and the stop seemed extremely easy to disengage. Although, I've had issues disengaging the stop on the black model. I've noticed that on the black model...