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  1. 509M MRD w/ Holosun 507C V2

    Has anyone mounted a 507C V2 on a 509 MRD? I followed the directions for the RMR plates/screws, but the screw heads are a bit too big and started scratching the finish. I tried the screws that came with the 507C, but they're too short and only about 2 threads or so make it through.
  2. 509 for $379.00 good deal?

    Hello everyone, I have both the FNS compact and full size pistols now. I was looking at picking up the 509 soon. I found this deal at https://shoot-straight.com/product/fn-509-9mm-pistol-1017rd-black-66-100004/ Few questions for everyone. How do you like the 509 over the FNS? Do you think...