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  1. Black Rifle Room
    I've liked the Tavor since the Call of Duty MW2 days. I thought they were... different, so maybe I wouldn't actually like it once I handled one. The opposite was true. I love the feel of it. So, I have just one 556 AR and one 308 gun - a SCAR17. I've started to grow very fond of the 308 round. I...
  2. Holsters/Belts/Slings/Cases Room
    Just got done stocking the gun closet. Used houses original foundation to close the closet with fire proof solid door. Went with carpet instead of felt. Any suggestions? Sorry for image orientation
  3. Guns & Gun Items For Sale (Non FN)
    Hey Guys, I am currently putting together another AR build and needed to free up some moola. I had this thing gathering dust in the safe for a month and think it needs a new home. I own two other ACOGs in addition to this and have to say that there is no better optic on the market. These things...
  4. Other Ammunition
    I placed an order in November 11-07-12 from Brownells for 500 green tip 5.56. This was a month and a half before the craze even started. I wanted to know if anybody has received an order of 5.56 M855 from brownells in the last 4 months? I will say that when i ordered it, it had been on BO for...
1-4 of 4 Results