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  1. B&T GHM9 with Collapsing Tailhook Brace, 5 Magazines - $1600 shipped

    Guns & Gun Items For Sale (Non FN)
    For sale is a B&T GHM9. This is a Gen 1 with updated feedramps. It comes with the collapsable pistol brace and tailhook. It will also come with five (5) B&T magazines. I purchased this about a year ago, less than 500rds through it. Kept clean, lubricated, and in great condition. It also has HBI...
  2. WTS: LNIB STI Eagle 5.0 9mm

    Guns & Gun Items For Sale (Non FN)
    I purchased this brand new about a month ago. Exactly 10 shots through it. I just purchased/installed the add-ons/accessories two weeks ago!! Everything is brand new/unused! New, excellent condition of course! No trades as I am looking to fund another project. Location: Houston, TX Price...
  3. FNS 9L Possible To Convert To 40S&W Or 357Sig?

    FN FNS
    Hey all, I saw a really good price on FNS 9L, but I have read - with a grain of salt - some mixed reviews. I would be new to the striker fired world with this being the first one I ever bought. Am very interested in the long slide for target and personal use. I have a really great 9 already...
  4. WTS Two-Tone FNS-9 like new!

    FN Guns and FN items For Sale
    Offering one of two Pistols I have in the same Bi-Tone FNS-9 with thumb safety configuration. Both were primarily purchased as night stand home protection. This one is the lesser used of the pair, a safe queen. Although the date of test firing is 2012, I would estimate the round count fired in...
  5. Another FNS-9c mag question

    FN FNS
    Good afternoon FNforum, I was wondering if the 10-round flush magazine that comes with the FNS-9c can receive the extended baseplate of the 12-round FNS-9c magazine. I just like the way the extention looks; it gives a more complete look to the grip. Also, does the grip extension actually add...
  6. FNS-9 Magazine compatibility

    FN FNS
    Good evening FNforum, I've had my FNS-9 for about a year now and I love it. I recently acquired my CCL and am interested in the FNS-9c as a carry gun. Does anyone know if FNS-9 magazines are totally compatible with the FNS-9c? Is the 17-round magazine that comes with the FNS-9c just an...
  7. BNIB FNH 66753 FNS9 No Manual Safety Fixed 3 Dot Sights For Sale

    FN Guns and FN items For Sale
    Brand new in the box FNS9 for sale in Suwanee, Georgia This is the two-tone model with a stainless slide. The slide stop lever and magazine release are fully ambidextrous Interchangeable backstraps with lanyard eyelets. This model has no manual safety Fixed 3-dot sights Comes with 3 - 17...
  8. New to Polymer Pistols

    FN FNX
    Hello all! I've had my FNX-9 for about 4 months and have put 300 rounds through it mostly compromised of range ammo and some federal hollow points. I've kept it clean and well lubed with RANDs CLP. I really like this pistol, the ergonomics are fantastic and I have yet to have any malfunctions of...
  9. FNS 9mm Ammo?

    FN FNS
    I recently purchased a FNS 9MM as my first handgun. After leaving New York and their stringent gun laws, i was happy to find that Virginia is so lenient. I have a ton of rifles and shotguns, but this is obviously my first handgun because of local laws. Anyway, after reading the instruction...
  10. Picked up an FNS-9C & it's GREAT!

    FN FNS
    I've had the FNS-9C on my list of future acquisitions since it came out. Some time around a month ago it leapfrogged to the top. After a few weeks of searching every day for a deal, I found what I was looking for on GunBroker and shortly after it was in my possession. The whole experience was...
  11. Few pictures of my 9C

    FN FNS
    The mrs was having me sand down some pallet wood she's using for a project. So naturally I used it as a platform to snap a few pictures of my new 9C.
  12. CZ Scorpion EVO - For Sale in Houston

    Guns & Gun Items For Sale (Non FN)
    New in Box (never fired) CZ Scorpion Evo for sale in NW Houston, TX. Comes with everything from factory. Asking $775 (sorry no trades at this time) FTF in the Houston area or will ship to an FFL on the buyer's dime. USPS Money Order, Cashiers Check, Cash if FTF
  13. Glock TTI Base Pad

    FN FNX
    I seen a post on the web the other day. A guy had a glock tti Base pad on his fnx 9. Has anyone else tried this?
  14. WTS (or Trade)---FNX-9 Magazines

    FN Guns and FN items For Sale
    Heya folks... I've parted ways with my FNX-9 and have upgraded to an FNS-9L... I have these 3 extra mags...They are the ones with the proper numbering All in perfect working order... purchased in March. Maybe 300rds a piece through each. Looking for $30each, or $80 for the lot I'm also happy...
  15. For Sale: FNP9 Magazines and recoil spring

    FN Guns and FN items For Sale
    I sold my gun and have 5 FNP 9mm 16rd magazine for sale and I also have a Luger pro 9 recoil spring guide assembly for sale (same as the fnp 9 guide assembly) The mags are technically used but are like new. Several have not even had a round fired from them. I have put blue crayon on the fn base...
  16. Something seriously wrong with my FNX9?

    FN FNX
    I went camping last weekend with a couple buddies. I Took the FNX out for the first time in a while. I did all the cleaning/lubing that i always do before firing it. The first two days it ran flawlessly over the course of about 100 rounds. On the morning we were to return home I decided to...
  17. WTB Glock 9 mm early Gen 3 Extractors, will trade for 5.7 x 28 mm ammunition

    Want to Buy
    I need 2 early Gen 3 9mm extractors. I don't like the new Gen 4 ones and want to replace them. I will trade money (I have Paypal), or a box of ss197 or ss195, new, your choice, for 2 Glock 9mm early Gen 3 extractors. They have to be the early generation, not any new releases for the Gen 3 or...
  18. First Photo Post

    FN SCAR 17S
    Hope this works! Here is my FN SCAR 17s along with my Springfield XDM chambered in 9mm. This is my first picture post, as I am still learning how to resize images n whatnot. What is the biggest size picture that I can upload on the site? I love this set up, and yes - my Sticker is still on. It...
  19. WTS FNP-9 Great Condition!

    FN Guns and FN items For Sale
    Hey everyone, I have an FNP-9 for sale (this is not the USG model, this is the decocker only model). Condition is about 9 out of 10 with no wear on the slide and minimal wear on the internals. I have put about 400 rounds through this handgun and it shoots flawlessly. I am just bored with it and...
  20. WTS: New Glock 19 FDE Gen4 + Night Sights + 3 Mags

    Guns & Gun Items For Sale (Non FN)
    Glock 19 FDE Gen 4 + Night Sights (less than 1 month old) + 3 Factory 15rd Magazines Glock extended slide lock, magazine release and night sights installed by Glock in Smyrna, GA. Never fired outside of factory, original owner, original box/docs/casings/backstraps/brush/rod included...