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  1. Scar 17 Heavy .308 Hunting

    FN SCAR 17S
    I just bought my scar today, I want to use it for hunting whitetail and Mule Deer along with Elk. 1. Scope options? I want something that'll be my bread and butter from 25-100Meters but be dependable to get out to 200-250 if I need to. 2. Ammunition ? I would prefer something with a little...
  2. Wanted to Buy: Case or Flats of FN SS198LF Ammo

    Want to Buy
    I want to buy four flats of 10 boxes or a full case of 40 boxes of FN factory SS198LF ammunition also known as Red Box ammo. Deliver/ship to 85119 or pickup in Phoenix area. Thank you in Advance
  3. Best Match Ammo for Scar 17

    Other Ammunition
    Did anyone do any accuracy testing with match grade ammo? What match ammo does best with the 1 in 12 twist on the 16.25" factory barrel?
  4. WTB Glock 9 mm early Gen 3 Extractors, will trade for 5.7 x 28 mm ammunition

    Want to Buy
    I need 2 early Gen 3 9mm extractors. I don't like the new Gen 4 ones and want to replace them. I will trade money (I have Paypal), or a box of ss197 or ss195, new, your choice, for 2 Glock 9mm early Gen 3 extractors. They have to be the early generation, not any new releases for the Gen 3 or...