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barrel assembly

  1. SCAR 16S 10.5" Complete Barrel Assembly

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    Complete 10.5-inch SCAR 16S Barrel Assembly cut down and threaded by Hi-Dessert Dog for suppressor warranty use. AAC 51T flash hider installed.Never fired unless test fired by Hi-Dessert Dog or FNH. Asking $800 shipped.All NFA laws apply. Price is OBO for those who are interested. Thank you for...
  2. WTS; FN M240b Barrel Assembly with Heat Shield & 249 Saw Heat Shields (new)

    FN Guns and FN items For Sale
    I came across a couple FN M240b Barrel Assembly with nice and shiny bore/rifling. I am not too sure of the market price for them so if I am price gouging it is unintentional. If any wisdom on valuation or in general would help myself and interested parties please feel free to Pm me or reply...
  3. WTS: SCAR 16 16" Barrel Assembly - $500 shipped

    FN Guns and FN items For Sale
    I've shortened my barrel length so no longer need this. Has less than 500 rounds through it. Great way to get a SBR barrel assembly without the huge cost. Asking $500 shipped, OBO. For some reason the light made it look like there is a massive scratch here, which there isn't. I went...