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  1. FN Bolt Action Rifles
    My name is Charlie and I was recently gifted what I believe to be a custom FN 243 Mauser Sporter rifle for my birthday. While in a gun store, Shooter’s Supply, in Paducah, KY, my brother who has a good eye for weapons found this really nice FN Mauser and bought it for me. This rifle has the...
  2. FN Guns and FN items For Sale
    FS: FNH SPR A5m XP - 24" barrel Location: Central Iowa Condition: Good (slight scratching on the cerakote mostly on the optic) Price: $2200 for just the rifle. $3000 optic included ( comes with throw lever and cant bubble level both vortex) Bought the rifle in late 2015. Have only 568 rounds...
1-2 of 3 Results