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  1. Selling back J M Brownings personal FN1900 serial 1.000.000 to the FN plant?

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    Not sure where to post it... Hi folks, Several years ago i obtaned an FN 1900 model with a gold inlayed serial 1.000.000. After some research it turned out the J m Browning had a giant galaevent on jan 31th 1914. They celebrated the one millionth handgun made by FN. I wrote the story here...
  2. WTS: BROWNING Citori Crossover Target 12ga 30"

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    Up for sale is my Brand New in Box Browning Citori Crossover Target 12ga with 30" Barrels. Asking $1650 Cash in person. If shipped I will accept postal money order. Located in NW Houston
  3. Price Western Leather Browning High Power Black Pancake S120 TS Heavy Duty Holster

    Guns & Gun Items For Sale (Non FN)
    Hello, I have a Price Western Leather Browning High Power Black Pancake S120 TS Heavy Duty Holster for sale. I am located in Northern Virginia, just outside of Washington DC, and am selling this holster for $50.00 delivered to the lower 48 states and will ship anywhere else in the world at...
  4. internal extractor questions

    FN Hi Power
    i have my 1944 GP-35, and i need to find a new extractor for her. i have found two options, one is from Numerich, and costs about 40 bucks, remanufactured. my other option is to go with Jack First, and that should cost about 80. my Question to you guys is if any of y'all have had experience with...
  5. Browning Hi-Power Need Help Indentifying

    FN Hi Power
    I have recently purchased this Browning Hi-Power it is marked Fabrique Nationale D'Armes De Guerre and Herstal Belgique. The serial number is E with four circles 8830. The dealer I purchased it from told me that it was an Israeli Hi-power import pistol, But I was wondering the origin of the...
  6. exactly 100 years ago J.M.Browning received this pistol, and it was nearly scrapped..

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    The FN one millionth handgun and John Moses Browning As you all know, JM Browning worked together with Fabrique National Herstal since 1897. By 1899 the first pistols came into production in Belgium. Some small modifications were done and the model FN 1900 was an instant succes...
  7. Hi Power gunporn video

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    Hey guys, I saw this video on YouTube and thought I'd share. I really enjoy how this guy does his table-top reviews, if he isn't a salesman, he missed his calling. But, this isn't really a review, it's more of a drool-session, which is fun, too. I thought you guys might enjoy the presentation...