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  1. FN FNX
    Hey guys. New to the forum, however not knew to my duty firearm. Fiancé bought me my prized handgun and I added the optics, however I’m straying away from the fact that it likes to eat my ammo. (Literally) this is the ONLY box of self defense ammo I have kept in this firearm and it dents the...
  2. Handloading and Reloading Ammo
    I have the Dies, and plenty of Brass but where the Hell do i find Primers and actual Bullets (Projectiles) so i can reload? i have been looking for EVER!! and cannot find them anywhere! please help me!!! i could use Links/websites ANYTHING!!! please, Please help!!!!
  3. 2nd Amendment and General Gun News
    If Obama get's a second term, you can bet that this will be pushed through- Zeroing In on Lead in Hunters’ Bullets - Citing risks to birds and to human health, roughly 100 environmental groups formally asked the federal Environmental Protection Agency this week to ban or at least impose...
1-3 of 3 Results