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  1. Acetone Cleaning For Scar 17s

    FN SCAR 17S
    Hey guys, Just wanted to let you know that according to the guys from FN, it is safe to use Acetone to clean your scar when used in small doses. I had this question for them when I accidentally got a little bit of oil in the gas system and wanted to find the best way to remove any residue...
  2. Basic questions about my Scar 17s

    FN SCAR 17S
    Wanted to start by saying that I appreciate any feedback given regarding my questions and please understand that the Scar is my first rifle that I ever owned besides an old .22 back when I was a child. So if it sounds like i'm asking basic questions, bare with me. Do I need to lube the whole...
  3. Cleaning Products for FNS-9C

    FN FNS
    Hi All, I just purchases an FNS 9C and got differing bits of advice on how to clean it (first time gun owner). The shop I bought the gun from gave me winchester cleaning and lubricant. I noticed though that after using it, it would discolor my gun (residual oil) and over oil the gun. It was...
  4. Cleaning Gun, pressed trigger with slide removed.

    FN FNS
    Hello All, I read somewhere that if you take the slide off, and push the trigger, your trigger mechanism could snap. I'm a bit concerned because when I was cleaning the frame of my FNS-9C (without the slide attatched), I accidentally pushed my trigger forward reactivating it, then just pulled...
  5. Request for a PS90 Cleaning and Lubrication Video

    FN PS90
    I found this post, PS90 Proper Lubrication Points (Pics), by JHS27275 to be extremely helpful. Does anyone know of a video for the cleaning and lubrication of the PS90? If not, I would request that one of you guru's produce one! I think it would be of tremendous help to noobies like me!
  6. Cleaning Rod Guide for the 17

    FN SCAR 17S
    Do any of yall know if anybody makes a cleaning rod guide for the 17? If so, where can I purchase one? I have seen some out there for the 16 but cannot find any for the 17... I have been cleaning my barrel with a bore snake but want to be able to give it a more thorough cleaning. Thanks...
  7. Clean During The Break In Period?

    FN FNX
    So... I have a dilemma. I bought the FNX-40 not to long ago and I am going through the break in process. So far, I have put about 100 rounds of 40S&W 180gr through the pistol. I did an initial cleaning and lubrication before firing for the first time, so there is no preservative grease left...
  8. Cleaning a new Scar 17s

    FN SCAR 17S
    Helped my buddy clean his new scar 17s black today . . . (he only paid 3300 at a local VA dealer about a week or two ago! Lucky him). Anyway, we opened up the extractor/spring to clean (yes, its a PITA and takes some practice) and found several copper/metal shavings in there, most likely from...
  9. Create Your Own Integral Storage Space in your SCAR

    SCAR Accessories, Scopes & Mods
    Ok, so we are all excited that VLTOR has a new SCAR stock that features an integral storage area to hold a cleaning kit or whatever. Here's the problem. VLTOR as a company does not function on human time, no no no, they prefer to function on Congressional Standard time, the same speed our...
  10. Lead vs Jacketed Ammunition

    FN FNP
    Hello All, I've been going to an indoor range which requires lead ammunition instead of copper jacketed and what I've noticed since I've switched that my accuracy has gotten worse. I'm finding it difficult to hit consistent groups which wasn't as bad a when I've used other ammunition. I...