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  1. Help (for a freind) with a 1911 purchase

    Handgun Room
    (supposed to be friend, not "freind" in title, btw) Hi all, I'm no expert when it comes to handguns, but you guys are, so... A friend whom I work with wants a 1911. Really wants a Colt 1911, but he is a sergeant in the military (USAF) and his wife just had twin babies, so he cant afford a...
  2. 1911 / .45 ACP Related Quotes

    Freestyle Room
    Pulled these off of the internet. Enjoy!! .45: For when you want to send the very best. .45 is like 9mm for adults! 45 ACP: Because a 9mm MIGHT expand, but a 45 will NEVER shrink .45 ACP: Because they don't make a .46 (Alternate: Why do I carry a .45? Because John Browning never...