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  1. Magazine Release for FNS-9C and FNS-40C - $8.50

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    For sale, two like-new magazine releases from a FNX-9. Price is $8.50 each. Postage paid to anywhere in the USA. Payment by PayPal preferred (details of PayPal address upon offer to purchase). This magazine release fits the FNS-9C and FNS-40C (as well as the FNS-9/40 and the FNX-9/40) and...
  2. Another FNS-9c mag question

    FN FNS
    Good afternoon FNforum, I was wondering if the 10-round flush magazine that comes with the FNS-9c can receive the extended baseplate of the 12-round FNS-9c magazine. I just like the way the extention looks; it gives a more complete look to the grip. Also, does the grip extension actually add...
  3. FNS -9c with Laser Holster Help

    FN FNS
    I have a FNS-9c and a Crimson Trace Railmaster CMR-206 and cannot find holsters that work anywhere. I have contacted several companies that make custom holsters like Alien Gear and Raw Dog Tactical along with a few others that all use and make the Kydex shell. None of them are able to make me...
  4. New FNS-9C range day

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    First few magazines with the new FNS-9C. It's just an awesome handgun. @ Silver Eagle Group training facility using PPU 124 gr FMJ @ 12 yards indoors. This will most likely be replacing my M&P Shield as my EDC. 12733566_10208112926718014_7332307777220215600_n by brenodo, on Flickr
  5. Picked up an FNS-9C & it's GREAT!

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    I've had the FNS-9C on my list of future acquisitions since it came out. Some time around a month ago it leapfrogged to the top. After a few weeks of searching every day for a deal, I found what I was looking for on GunBroker and shortly after it was in my possession. The whole experience was...
  6. FNS 40 Compact Compatible Mags

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    I'm new to the forum so sorry if this is a stupid question, wouldn't be my first and won't be my last. Does anyone know if there are any other compatible mags, preferably high capacity, for the FNS 40 Compact?