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  1. Want to Buy
    WTB FNX-9 Steel Safety/Decocker Replacement Part, I understand Jathtech isn't making them anymore. Anyone who has one to sell, or who can point me in the direction of someone who does, will be appreciated. Thanks!
  2. FN FNP
    I am new to this forum and FN so please forgive me if this is over asked or anything. Just looking around online for some good ol' 45's and i found the FNP 45 online and was impressed. Good things were said about it and when i found what I thought was a good price for it (580 NIB w/ 3 mags and...
  3. FN FNX
    The hammer's back and it won't drop when you pull the trigger. Not only that but when you go to decock it the hammer only goes halfway back. Not only that but the trigger won't go through it's full range of movement, even on safe. How would I get this fixed? Any help would be great!
1-3 of 3 Results