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  1. Design Machine Sling Mount options

    FN PS90 Accessories & Mods
    Design Machine has released three new products this month! Three different sling mounts for everyone that has been looking for a good sling system! The "Cigar Cutter" sling mount, which attaches to the front of the barrel, allowing for maneuverability and the solution to several mounting...
  2. New Vortex Micro, Smaller Magnifier

    FN PS90 Accessories & Mods
    Vortex recently released a new magnifier much smaller in size than their original version, which we use for our 3x Optic Flipper. Vortex has ironically named this new magnifier the "Micro". The new micro has an overall length of just 2.9" vs the 4.3" of the original magnifier. The field of view...
  3. MRO Low Mounted with ARD - Design Machine

    FN PS90 Accessories & Mods
    A customer recently sent us their ARD to try to make compatible with one of our MRO mounts. At first we could not find a way to do it. However once we realized we could separate the ARD from the flip cap cover, we found a way. Unfortunately you can't use the flip cover on the ARD, but you can...
  4. Prototype to finished Product

    Design Machine
    Recently I've created a Patreon page and made a post showing picture details of what it takes for us to go from prototype to finished product. You'll be able to see where we start and the work that goes into each and every product we produce. Thought some may think it would be interesting...
  5. Aimpoint Acro Low Profile Fixed Mount

    FN PS90 Accessories & Mods
    Just finished our new mount for the Aimpoint Acro loaned to us by a generous customer of ours! We decided to make two versions of the mount, one as low as can be, to stick to what we're famous for. And another roughly 100 thousandths higher to work with our FX3 3X Optic Flipper. Let us know what...
  6. Original White Ring Sight

    FN Guns and FN items For Sale
    I have an original White Ring Sight & hardware that came with my PS90 I just found in one of my safes if anyone wants to buy it. Looking for $200. Let me know on here VIA PM or email me. Design Machine [email protected] https://dmachineri.com/ 401-783-0487
  7. Design Machine FX3 for people with Astigmatism

    FN PS90 Accessories & Mods
    So recently a friend of ours we had review our FX3 3X optic flipper mentioned he had astigmatism which was making it slightly difficult for him to operate his red dot, magnified or un-magnified. He suggested we make a mount for the Primary Arms ACSS Cyclops which is what we've done! Not only can...
  8. 3X Optic Flipper Review

    Design Machine
    Recently we asked our friend Buffman Range to do a review of our 3X Optic Flipper so customer's had an idea of what the product could provide for them before purchasing. The Flipper retails at $390, including the flipper mount itself, the vortex 3X magnifier and hardware. We want to give a...
  9. Customer Feedback - Design Machine

    Design Machine
    Please include any feedback about my products, experience, customer service etc. If there is anything I could do better or do well I'd appreciate the info. Thanks! Sam/Duane, Design Machine.
  10. Trijicon SRO Specialized Reflex Optic on PS90?

    FN PS90 Accessories & Mods
    Does anyone have one, or any experience? I'm curious of how it stands up to the RMR. They have the same mounting system so they're both compatible with my mount. Interested since I assume Trijicon came out with the SRO to compete with Aimpoints new Acro. Seem's convenient due to the fact you...
  11. Design Machine - May Madness Promotion

    Design Machine
    Design Machine is holding a promotion during the month of may. Any low mount purchased will come with a free 3" picatinny side rail. We've been looking for a way to show our appreciation to our customers. Finally being caught up on our side work we were able to find the time to produce an extra...
  12. Design Machine Custom Leupold Prismatic Low Mount

    FN PS90 Accessories & Mods
    A favor was asked of us by a client to make a custom mount for their Leupold Prismatic. Curious what you boy's think, and if anyone has interest? Some prefer cross-hairs versus red dots and we were happy to make it happen. We at Design Machine are wondering if this is a product we should add to...
  13. Design Machine - New Site, Still here

    Design Machine
    I'll be more active looking back onto this forum now, if anyone has any questions or issues I'm here to help. I'm a small precision machine shop on the east coast that specializes in prototypes, finding a niche within the PS90 community. I've just released a new website, making it easier to see...
  14. Installed an MRO

    FN PS90
    Well, a 15 minute project turned into a hour and a half project. I purchased a Desing Machine low mount for the MRO and installed it pretty easily. However, removing the top rail that came on my rifle was a bear. The front screw came out fairly easily. However the rear one stripped as soon as I...
  15. Trijicon MRO on a PS90 with a Design Machine Mount.

    FN PS90 Accessories & Mods
    I mounted the Trijicon MRO on a Design Machine mount two weeks ago and after a couple of range trips, I couldn't be happier with the combination. It gives a cheek weld very similar to an AR with a lower 1/3 co-witness mount. It's precision is more than adequate, the field of view is great, and...