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  1. FN FAL
    Anyway, much to tell about this ultra rare FAL. As you might know, Luxembourg as a country has the size of twice New York city. Some 500.000 people live there and they got a tiny symbolic army. Abrevation on weapons is "AL". The Gendarmerie is some kind of statepolice based on a military...
  2. FN FAL
    Two interesting designs. I took some time to make a few pics to compare them. I'm so amased on that FG42 how small it is to fire a full power 8mm mauser. Dang, clever system. In semi the bolt stay closed. In full, it works with open bolt to give extra cooling. The scope (original L stamped...
  3. FN FAL
    Hi folks, The Belgian Army ordered 200 pieces of FN FAL M1 didactical. There serials start at 001. The receiver has the ABL + year stamp. ABL is the dual language abbrevation. "AB"L means Armee Belge in French and the A"BL" part is for the Flemmish speaking part, means Belgisch Leger. Belgium...
1-3 of 3 Results