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  1. WTS South African Defense Force CHEST RIGS PAT 83 $155 shipped

    Everything Else
    Available for sale are NEW OLD STOCK GENUINE South African Defense Force Pat 83 Chest Rigs. These are MADE IN SOUTH AFRICA. They are most likely manufactured from the 80’s or 90’s. They are BRAND NEW. These are getting very rare to find so please get one while you can! Features: Tough, Nutria...
  2. Looking for Information on FN/Steyr STG58

    Hey gang, I'm new on here and was looking for some information, I think I understand the basics. I just bought a cheap STG58, that was advertised as a non-matching kit on an early Gear Logo IMBEL type 3 receiver (no date in the magwell or CAI markings), at a local dealer. After taking her apart...
  3. Anyone know where I can get a DS Arms SA58 extended safety selector switch?

    Want to Buy
    I'm trying to find a retailer that has the DS Arms SA58 extended safety selector switch in stock and for sale, or if any members have one. Does anyone know of anyone?
  4. The dutch FAL's

    FN FAL
    Recently, i got my hands on 5 different original Dutch FAL's, straight from a testting facility. All FAL's are working, and full auto if you use the funswitch. About everything is different in the Dutch FAL compared with the regular FAL's. 50% of the FAL's was assembled by Artillerie...
  5. Ammo

    FN SCAR 17S
    Thanks to all of you for all your advice. I just bought a SCAR 17s and your input on everything has been invaluable. Hopefully, this is a helpful bit of info back at you. gunbot.net has pricing for all types of ammo from all types of vendors WITH THE PRICE PER ROUND AVERAGE. If you're like...
  6. FS: SCAR 16s with OpMod FDE EoTech + G23, FS2000 with EoTech, FAL, all with extras

    FN Guns and FN items For Sale
    Buying a house and am forced to sell some gear that I'd rather not sell (especially at this time). Several of these are set up as packages intentionally for those who have missed out on their opportunity to stock up on these key items. You can pick up the gun you've always wanted, before...
  7. FAL kit id

    FN FAL
    I came across a FAL kit but the owner has no idea what it is or what to value it at. He seems way to attached to it for a retailer but may be a ply. The welds on the barrel don't look great but doesn't look like a hack job. The stock is the black plastic similar to M16 of the Vietnam era. The...
  8. FAL Magazine Repair and Maintenance

    FN FAL
    Hi All, I have been working on a number of used magazine shells I picked up cheap, some have various issues with dents, out of square, etc. I'd like to start a thread on tips/tricks to fix your mags. list of common issues, solutions found, etc. Here are a couple of things I learned: Repair...
  9. New Anime Series Features Girls as Automatic Rifles

    Freestyle Room
    I love anime as much as I love my FNP-9 (maybe just a bit more) and had to let you all know about a new series that's just premiered on the Anime Network's Online Player. (It can also be found at Crunchyroll.com) It's called Upotte!! and the anthropomorphic guns are students at a special...