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feed problems

  1. All Feed Problems

    Howdy out there! This applies to all "Feed" and unsmooth firearm functioning, so listen up. The first thing you do when you buy a mass produced firearm is lap the feed ramp and smooth out the "break" between ramp and chamber. I use an extra fine Cratex bullet shaped abrasive rod on either a ⅛"...
  2. Has anyone seen this type of malfunction before??

    FN PS90
    I was firing my PS90 at the range yesterday and after about 60 rounds the gun stopped firing. I took the magazine out and found that the bullets were not being seated properly in the chamber. When I took the gun home to clean and inspect it, I found that there was a piece of a shell casing which...
  3. PS90 suddenly Fails to Feed

    FN PS90
    Hi, I’ve had my PS90 for about 5 years and run roughly 2,000 rounds through it without a single issue…until my last two trips to the range. I was firing SS197SR ammo (Product #: 10700017) and had several failures to feed some rounds simply weren’t stripped from the magazine and moved to...
  4. First time shooting FS2000, bought used, problems with ejections, fail to eject

    FN FS2000
    I'm thinking I'm dealing with FTE's. Rather than guess at what to look at, I'd like to see whether anyone has experienced similar and have direction to investigate or a solution. I just received this last month and I waited to shoot until I was able to pick up some optics. I can't see very...