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  1. WTS Flash Hider off my new SCAR 16S SBR upper

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    Selling the flash hider that comes on the short barreled 16S barrel assemblies. I am in Detroit, Michigan but I will ship for free via USPS Flat Rate box anywhere in the US. I assume that some FN supplier makes the flash hider. Obviously, 1/2x28tpi so it will fit on the 16 or a standard AR in...
  2. WTB: P90 flash hider, 10" barrel

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    I've got my Form 1 approved and am looking for a barrel (FN, CMMG, or HDD) and flash hider (FN or at least FN style, not a bird cage). Let me know what you've got!
  3. SCAR 17S Flash Hider

    FN SCAR 17S
    All: I am looking to put a better flash hider on the front end of my SCAR...any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks in advance.