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  1. FN SCAR 20S
    Hello all, new to this forum. I'm trying to decide between purchasing a SCAR 20s NRCH 308 or a B&T APC 308 DMR, they are about the same price once your convert the APC 308 from a pistol to DMR by purchasing a stock. I currently own an FN SCAR 17s, I like it, however, the APC 308 is really...
  2. FN SCAR 20S
    So I won this 20s in a raffle for $92. My mind is still blown... the scar 20s is the newer model, 1:10 twist with the break vs the flash hider. Since I got the deal of a lifetime on this rig I’m not afraid to go all out on the optic. I see a lot of guys talking about the NF atacr 4-16. I have...
  3. Everything Else
    I've got a LNIB Sharp Quatron 80" tv. specs are on the link. less than 100 hrs use. Moving and don't have room for it. MRRP $5,999. let me know what you have. I can deliver the tv LC-80LE844U | Sharp 80 Inch TV | 80 Inch Smart TV | Sharp 80 Inch TVs
1-4 of 4 Results