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  1. FNP 45 Tactical Optic Mounting Plates

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    First post on the forums and i'm going to be that guy screaming for help! Haha I recently purchased an FNP 45 Tactical from an individual locally. The individual whom I purchased the pistol from has lost the mounting equipment that came with the firearm as well as the backstraps. I was able to...
  2. Favorite handgun of the Magnificent Stranger

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  3. The story of a first time FN owner and my FNP45T

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    Hey everyone! Ever since 1999 I wanted a H&K USP .45. When my brother bought a Springfield 1911 I told myself 'Yeah, well, I'm gonna do better one day...' I waited a long long time, I wasn't ready to spend that hefty price plus I wasn't physically mature enough to handle that big-bored beast...