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  1. FN FNP
    First time poster since I just became an FN owner. I bought my friends FN FNP 45 for a ridiculously good price and the only things I decided to change are the backstrap, which I found, and the front sight to fiber optic, which I'm having some difficulty finding. The HI-Viz website...
  2. FN FNP
    I just purchased a FNP 45 non tactical, took apart the gun as soon as i purchased to clean, took it to the range and brought it back for cleaning. as i looked down the barrel, i noticed a small dent approx right where the rifling begins. i can only see it at an angle in the light. is this...
  3. FN Guns and FN items For Sale
    Blade-Tech holster and double mag pouch for FNP45 Tactical with speed cut to allow RMR to fit Holster:SRB (Sting Ray Belt Holster)IDPA Approved Carbon Fiber $74.99 Double Mag Pouch: Double Mag Pouch,W/SR loop (IDPA APPROVED) will fit up to 1.75 belt loop Carbon Fiber $62.99 In perfect...
1-3 of 3 Results