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  1. FN FNS
    Hello FrieNds, I have a few different FNS pistols and interchange some parts on them. Does anyone know what parts are interchangeable on FNS pistols? As far as I know: FNS-40 slide works on a FNS-9 frame. I do this. FNS-9L slide fits on normal FNS-9 frame. I saw a guy online who attached his...
  2. FN FNS
    Good evening FNforum, I've had my FNS-9 for about a year now and I love it. I recently acquired my CCL and am interested in the FNS-9c as a carry gun. Does anyone know if FNS-9 magazines are totally compatible with the FNS-9c? Is the 17-round magazine that comes with the FNS-9c just an...
  3. FN FNS
    Hello All, I read somewhere that if you take the slide off, and push the trigger, your trigger mechanism could snap. I'm a bit concerned because when I was cleaning the frame of my FNS-9C (without the slide attatched), I accidentally pushed my trigger forward reactivating it, then just pulled...
  4. FN Guns and FN items For Sale
    FN made, new but without original packaging, in excellent condition, pinky extension for short magazine for FNS-9C or FNS-40C. This item is in Virginia. For sale for $7.00 plus $2.54 for first class postage inside USA only. Please send me a PM if interested.
  5. FN FNS
    First few magazines with the new FNS-9C. It's just an awesome handgun. @ Silver Eagle Group training facility using PPU 124 gr FMJ @ 12 yards indoors. This will most likely be replacing my M&P Shield as my EDC. 12733566_10208112926718014_7332307777220215600_n by brenodo, on Flickr
  6. FN FNS
    I've had the FNS-9C on my list of future acquisitions since it came out. Some time around a month ago it leapfrogged to the top. After a few weeks of searching every day for a deal, I found what I was looking for on GunBroker and shortly after it was in my possession. The whole experience was...
  7. FN FNS
    I have an unusual—okay, weird—question... Hi, I'm new to the forum and thinking about buying an FNS 9c. All of my carry guns up to now have been safetyless (M&P40c, Glock 19, PPS, XDs9, M&P Shield, and Glock 26). I haven't made up my mind, but I MIGHT go with a safety because I still get a...
  8. FN FNS
    I Now Have all three in 9mm. How sweet it is. Shot it today for the first time and wow. I need practice with this shot barrel. Top: FNS 9L Middle: FNS 9 Bottm FNS: 9c
  9. FN FNS
    I found this linked from FNH USA's Facebook page. Robert Farago has a ton of great things to say about the FNS-9c. Gun Review: FNS-9 Compact 9mm Handgun - The Truth About Guns A pull quote from the review:
1-9 of 9 Results