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fns shoots low

  1. FNH FNS9 - Front Sight Issue

    FN FNS
    Thank you for taking the time to read and respond to my post. I have a FNH FNS9 that I purchased (used) in October. I'm a new shooter, however, after spending some time fixing my flinch (shooting low and to the left) I had several trips to the range and started to miss the paper all together...
  2. FNS 9LS Shooting low - NOT an American recreational/target pistol

    FN FNS
    Hi all, I am a recreational target shooter. I usually shoot at 25 yards at an outdoor gun club. Sometimes shoot at paper plates at the plinking range. My main squeeze is a SIG P220 in .45. I thought I would try/switch to 9mm, and picked a FN FNS 9LS. With the SIG, I am pretty accurate. But, I...