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  1. Pleb to Forum & FNX 45

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    Evening All, Incredible first day of shooting with my newly acquired fnx 45 fde ~ phenominal firearm! Have (literally) tried all the rest and over past year thinned out everything but H&K P30 & P30sk (9mm). Always wanted to get into .45 platform and a buddy (vet) suggested that I look into fnx...
  2. Duty Holsters for FNX-45

    FN FNX
    Hi my fellow FN admirers, First, please forgive me for asking this question as I know their are other threads on it. The dates range and vary which is why I am asking for fresh input and updates. I am looking for a duty style holster for my FNX w/TLR-1 HL. I prefer something like a...
  3. FNX 45 4in 15+1 holsters?

    FN FNX
    Hey guys total noob to the FN world but I just picked up a FNX 45 and I have been looking for some holsters. There are a bunch out there and I would rather measure twice cut once. Does anyone have suggestions on high quality ones. I already have a drop leg holster but I want to get into 3 gun...
  4. kt mech holster

    FN FNX
    So I went ahead and ordered the akela holster from these guys after reading about them here on the forum. It just showed up in the mail after two weeks. (Not a bad wait time in my eyes) Over all appearances are good fits my .45 nicely good retention and the paddle holds tight to my belt. I can't...