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fnx-45 tactical

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    Hey all. I've got a used FNX-45 Tactical I'm looking to sell or trade. Looking for other FN long guns, ideally an FS2000 or Scar 16, but also open to an SPR, SLP, TSR or other FN long guns. I have other items to sweeten the pot too depending on the trade. It comes complete in case EXCEPT for...
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    I had the pleasure of picking-up my MIL/LE FNX-45 Tactical from Eric this weekend. It was a pleasure working with Eric and if you are looking for someone that will answer your emails and phone calls, he is definitely your dealer. I'm looking forward to working with him again in the future.
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    I have been searching for a FNX-45(Black or FDE didn't matter to me) Tactical locally and online for quite a while. I finally found one one of the big online gun sites. It is priced well above the normal asking price, I guess due to the current situation with anti-gun legislation proposals and...