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  1. FN FNX
    New Rookie here, thanks for having me. Got a couple of quick questions in regards to trigger mods for the FNX-45 for you " FNH Jedi Masters "... 1) Can the FNX-45 be converted to a Single Action Only (SAO) handgun like a 1911? 2) How about a Dual Action Only (DAO) setup with something...
  2. FN FNX
    Figured a poll may help some, like myself, what red dot's to check out since they're so many out there.... Would love to hear about your experiences, good and bad below... Thanks!
  3. FN FNX
    So I've been scouring the forum trying to find recommendations on affordable ammunition that works reliably in the FNX 45 tactical... Many people here and thru YouTube comments spoke negatively about "TulaAmmo" performing at all in their side piece... Clean is a + .... any suggestions?
  4. New Member Introductions
    New member from Fort Worth, TX. Just wanted to speak to everyone. I picked up my FNX-45 Tact yesterday. I was gonna get a RIA double stack 1911. But I like the way this one feels better. This is also my first DA/SA, and I love it
  5. FN Guns and FN items For Sale
    I have a BNIB FNX-45 Tactical in Black, comes with all the factory mags, soft case, manuals etc. Never fired. Location is 32578. Price is $1000 shipped to your FFL.
  6. FN Guns and FN Items For Trade
    Hey all. I've got a used FNX-45 Tactical I'm looking to sell or trade. Looking for other FN long guns, ideally an FS2000 or Scar 16, but also open to an SPR, SLP, TSR or other FN long guns. I have other items to sweeten the pot too depending on the trade. It comes complete in case EXCEPT for...
  7. FN FNX
    I stripped it completely down. Used 80 grit AlumOxide for a more aggressive finish vs. 120. I sprayed the slide and RMR cover Cerkaote Burnt Bronze, and the plastic was sprayed in Patriot Brown. Oven baked at 170/250 for 2 hrs plastic/steel. I opted to mix this at 20:1 to give me the finish I...
  8. FN FNX
    Hello All, I purchased the FNX 45, one week ago. It was my first gun ever. I feel in love with it. I know currently a lot of threads have been discussed but i have a few questions. I appreciate anyone taking the time to respond. A little bit of a background, my family does not like guns, it was...
  9. FN Handguns Photo Section
    I celebrated gun appreciation day by purchasing 3 new guns. GSG 522 FNX-9 FNX-45 FNXs side by side Items I have bought over the last year include my AR-15 with furniture personalized to taste and an FS2000 that I can't seem to find any pics of atm. I also found 5 AR-15 mags at the LGS...
  10. FN FNX
    I have been searching for a FNX-45(Black or FDE didn't matter to me) Tactical locally and online for quite a while. I finally found one one of the big online gun sites. It is priced well above the normal asking price, I guess due to the current situation with anti-gun legislation proposals and...
1-10 of 10 Results