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  1. FN FNX
    I purchased an fnx45 tactical about a week ago, i bought three boxes of ammo with it one box of tula 230gr, one box of wolf 230gr and one box of perfecta 230gr. got the gun home and excited to shoot my new 1200 dollar toy i loaded up a mag with tula let the slide home and ran out back to shoot...
  2. FN FNX
    I wanted a new 45. I looked went to the gun shop and dry fired the hk 45 and the fnx 45 tactical. There was no choice at that point. The fnx 45 has the better trigger. At the range at 7 yards my first shot was a bullseye. After 150 rounds with no misfires I love this gun. My friend was with...
1-2 of 2 Results