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  1. Where is it made?

    FN PS90
    I just purchased a PS90 at a local shop and am filling out a Form 1 to SBR it. I am stuck on 4a Name and address of original manufacturer and or importer of firearm. There are 3 different things on the rifle. In white on the metal part under the rail it says FN Columbia SC. Right below where the...
  2. Just got my form 1 approved. Quick question.

    SBR, Suppressors and NFA Items
    Hey guys, just got my form 1 approved for a SBR lower. I e-filed it via my local ffl and was surprised to see the stamp sitting in my inbox just 3 months later. I wanted to ask the e-filers how they keep their stamped document. Is printing it out fine? I know when you paper file it you get back...