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  1. FN FS2000
    Howdy all, im new here. Cant seem to put an ad in the marketplace. All I want is an FS2000. i dont have cash, but I do have trades that are equal to in value, if not worth more than. If you have one you are willing to part with. Please feel free to shoot me a message if you can.
  2. FN Guns and FN items For Sale
    Have a FN FS2000 with the pictured accessories (Urban ERT sling, mags) for sale for $2850 total. Please note it will come with the original OEM Handguard and NOT the Tri Rail. I can include the Pelican case for $200 more plus additional shipping. Barrel is professionally cut and threaded to...
    $2,850 USD
  3. FN FS2000
    Hello, I just bought a used FS2000 and wanted to get a factory/base black forend or two for it. Also...if anyone would happen to have an extra switch piece (the polymer piece on the bolt) I would appreciate having one of those as well. Thanks for any and all help! Cam
  4. FN FS2000 Accessories & Mods
    Hello, I'm a recovering HK addict and I've recently got into FN. I managed to grab a gen1 fs2000 for 3,100.00. I'm mostly a collector and would like to find the factory optic and cover. does anyone have a good source? thanks in advance.
  5. Want to Buy
    Looking to buy a factory tri-rail or the railed fore-end for an FS200. Have a few parts for the FS2000 I can trade or cash.
    $200 USD
  6. FN Guns and FN items For Sale
    Less than 200 rounds through gun. Comes with a lot of spare parts that are very hard to find, including the aluminum factory tri rail. It comes with a brand new spare trigger pack, a new charging handle, a new oem handguard, and (2) spent casing "switches". there is no factory box. I can...
  7. Want to Buy
    Hey all. New member, and first post. I've been looking for an FS2000 to buy for some time, and just recently stumbled across this forum. Haven't had any luck anywhere else so far, so I figured it would be as good a place as any to check. I'm based out of Columbus, OH, so I would prefer somewhere...
  8. Want to Buy
    Hello all- first time poster to the FN Forum, long time FN enthusiast. Recently had a Form 1 approved to chop down my PS90- barrel is on its way to TROS for the work. When it gets back, feels like I'll be in need of a factory "cigar cutter" sling. I realize these have been discontinued for a...
  9. NON-FN Guns and NON-FN Items For Trade
    Want FS2000/ Scar 16 H: IWI Tavor,DD MK12 & V11 Upper,Saiga,LWRC,Canik,Seecamp&More! Up for trade, I have a slew of firearms. Ideally I am looking for FNs. I want a SCAR 16, FS2000, SPR (or other FN bolt guns), FNC and other FN long guns. I've got most the current line of pistols, but don't...
  10. FN Guns and FN items For Sale
    Comes with one 30 round mag, box, and Urban ERT sling. No paperwork or tool kit. Unsure of round count and it has been used so it’s not perfect. $2500 shipped lower 48. Located in St Louis MO. May be open to trades.
  11. Want to Buy
    Just as the title says, I would like to find (in good or new condition) a Tactical Handguard for a FS2000 as seen below. I believe it's what came on the tactical version. If you have one or know of one in stock anywhere, please email me at [email protected]
  12. Want to Buy
    I've looked everywhere and have had no luck. Figured I would see is anyone here knew where one could be acquired or if they had one they were looking to part with.
  13. FN Guns and FN Items For Trade
    Hey Everyone, I have an FS2000 that I equipped with a Trijicon MRO that I would like to trade for an FS2000 Standard, with the integrated optic. It will come with the MRO and low mount included. It will also have the original FS2000 flash hider instead of the Saker Trifecta Flash Hider you see...
  14. FN FS2000
    Are you guys aware of this "slowing production" status of the FS2000? Apparently, Slowing Production means the FS2000 is near to end-of-life in production. I was considering one, but not if it is heading towards becoming obsolete. Can anyone clarify? This info came from FN's Customer...
  15. FN FS2000
    A little help please! Does anyone know if FNH is currently selling replacement parts for the FS2K? MGW seems to be out of some which I need. Thx.
  16. FN Guns and FN items For Sale
    FS2000 Tactical for sale. Tri-rail, Urban ERT sling, and enhanced charging handle come with rifle. 2200.00 from Reno, NV to your FFL.
1-16 of 48 Results