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  1. SCAR Accessories, Scopes & Mods
    I have no familiarity with HANDL products other than what I've been learning from the Keyboard Kommandos of tactical reviews and such. Through Gunbroker, I've become friends with a guy in AZ who has all high-end stuff and frequently likes to divest bits and pieces from his collection to, I...
  2. Guns & Gun Items For Sale (Non FN)
    KDG Rails (2) & Dead Shot Barrel 338Fed 13" HANDL lower, MI Rail, VLTOR CASV-E No trades - THANKS! I already sold my SCAR-17s and am now selling the accessories I have accumulated with it : DEADSHOT BARRELS: .338 FEDERAL (its the .300BO of 7.62!) 1:10 - CM - 5R Rifling 13" barrel ($450 +...
  3. SCAR Accessories, Scopes & Mods
    Anyone tried Handl enhanced hardware components? I like the idea of improving metallurgy in the beast but not sure of practicality/functionality etc. any other companies offer similar stuff?
  4. FN Guns and FN items For Sale
    Hello All I have up for a sale a used but in excellent condition Handl Defense SCAR25 lower reciever; I am the second owner, the previous owner who is a good friend of mine sold it to me and only had about 500 rounds through it, and I put only 100 rounds on this one. The reason why im selling...
1-4 of 4 Results