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  1. FN509
    Team, Has anyone experienced light primer hits? I’ve put over 1000 rounds through her without an issue. I’m really hoping it’s just ****ty ammo but I’ve heard about 509 striker issues. The first time I ran the round through again and it fired on the 2nd attempt. Probably not a good idea. I know.
  2. FN Hi Power
    Hello there friends! Hoping to identify this "browning hi-power". Im getting a lot of mixed reviews in my searches. I think it may be a Feg but i cant find any markings on it to illicit that conclusion. Please help! Here are a few pictures. There is also a "v" or "Y" mark inside the slide aswell...
  3. Other Ammunition
    Alright I bought this Ammo when I picked my new firearm up from a local FFL. I’ve seen online then tips are supposed to be blue but these are purple and the box was taped closed. Sadly the FFL I used was a pawn shop so not sure if they could help or not. Has anyone else on here encountered this...
1-3 of 3 Results