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  1. Handgun Room
    Let me start this off with what I currently have and what gap I'm looking to fill. Right now, I have a FN503 subcompact for my glovebox/pocket carry gun. Also have a 509C with a Streamlight and Trijicon RMR for a nightstand gun (with the 15rd magazine for a full grip). I've just been drooling...
  2. Black Rifle Room
    Today I celebrated the first paycheck after paying off both car loans (about $800/month) by using some of that extra money to buy a new toy, one that I really don't need and will have no real use for other than having fun & ventilating soup cans-- a Walther/Umarex H&K 416 replica in .22LR, for...
  3. Handgun Room
    H&K P30L Custom Slide Serrations Now w/ video For those of you that are not on HKpro I started a thread last week sometime to tell everyone my plans to have custom serrations milled into the top of my P30L. A local guy who owns a machineshop ATEi gunsand has been doing some really good work...
1-3 of 3 Results