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  1. FN FNS
    I'm new to this site and new to the FNH family. I just recently bought a FNS 40 and put my AT3 Tactical green laser/light combo on and it looks and fits great and I love and am thoroughly impressed with this pistol and it's performance. My question is are there any holsters or tactical holsters...
  2. FN FNX
    Just took my brand new FNX40 to the range (my first gun I bought for myself also) and she shot great. 150 without an issue, and once i got used to it, groups got better. Has anyone else noticed they shot better with DA over SA?? Lots of play in the trigger with single but once I get more used...
  3. FN FNS
    Ok guys, so I have a couple questions about the FNS-9 with regards to holsters and ammo. I literally ordered mine last night and I want to know if anyone has experience shooting reloads out of it. Have you seen certain ammo perform better than others? Also, as this seems to still be a new gun...
  4. FN FNP
    I purchased an FNP 40 and have added a Streamlight TLR-4 and I am wanting to use it for concealed carry, however I need a holster that will accomodate my laser/light combo can anyone point me in the right direction for a shoulder rig thanks.
1-4 of 4 Results