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  1. Scar 17 Heavy .308 Hunting

    FN SCAR 17S
    I just bought my scar today, I want to use it for hunting whitetail and Mule Deer along with Elk. 1. Scope options? I want something that'll be my bread and butter from 25-100Meters but be dependable to get out to 200-250 if I need to. 2. Ammunition ? I would prefer something with a little...
  2. Scar 17 night hunter Texas setup

    FN SCAR 17S
    Great gun for night patrol and hunting predators here in Texas. Simple but extremely effective 3-9x40 MEOPTA MoePro. Elusive Wildlife 500 HD with quick detach. The Kill Light. Magpul stubby with Magpul grip. Blue force gear sling with loops. This baby shoots dime size groups at 100. No need for...
  3. Hunting ammo for SCAR 17

    Other Ammunition
    I know not everyone thinks of the SCAR 17 first when they think of a hunting gun. However, in Florida we can shoot hogs all year. Looking for a good hog/deer/bear load that shoots well out of the SCAR 17 barrel. If it can do well at the range and serve as a self defense round to, so much the...
  4. Hunting ammo question

    Hoping to learn from the experience of those of you that have taken your SCAR 17 hunting... I'm going hog hunting in a couple months and was curious what you guys have had success with on your past hunting trips. I plan on testing the top 3 most popular choices then making my choice from the...
  5. advice for a new FNAR owner- heavy/standard

    I've looked over the forum pretty good and have been able to find some really good stuff. . . so thanks to all of you for all the good info you post here. I just got a new Standard FNAR 20". So this is not the heavy barrel. I wonder am I missing out on anything by having the standard 20"...
  6. SCAR 17s for Hunting!

    FN SCAR 17S
    I am a new shooter- new to the forum, and new to hunting (first time coming up)- Anyway I was drawn for deer this year and so will be going out for my first time. I want to use my SCAR 17s because my friend says I will be hitting distances of 300yrds plus. I am in AZ and so we have a...
  7. Tactical Scope for Scar 17s

    FN SCAR 17S
    Good morning All! As per my previous post, I am really struggling on picking an optic for me 17s. Most of my hunting and shooting will be within 250 yds. I live in Florida and the landscape is swampy and not wide open. 90% of the time I will be hunting hogs during the evening, and spotlighting...
  8. Scar 17s Optics for hunting and casual shooting

    FN SCAR 17S
    Hi All, I am new to the forum and am currently waiting on my new Scar 17s FDE to arrive! I have been searching the web and combing over the 1,000's of different optics there are to pick from. I cant freakin decide on an optic. ACOG's, EOTech Red Dot w/ Magnifier's seem to be the most popular...
  9. WTS: Bushnell Powerview Porro Binoculars or First Aid Kit =

    Everything Else
    I have a brand new pair of Bushnell Powerview Porro Prisms, 7 x 35 mm [model # 137307] binoculars for sale. I only opened the box to make sure everything was there and to take pictures. They have - Lens caps, carry case with strap, lens wipe Multi-coated optics for superior light transmission...