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  1. FN PS90 Accessories & Mods
    Hello, Been reading these forums non-stop. Wanted a P90 (PS90) since I saw Stargate and when I held an airsoft (to scale, weight included) it fit like a glove. FINALLY have one that was ordered before WA mag ban went into place and should be picking it up in the next few weeks. picked up a few...
  2. Guns & Gun Items For Sale (Non FN)
    Both used like new with all original parts included ACOG+RMR+Iron sights+Bobro throw lever mount+lens pen+instructions+hard case: $1450 shipped Holosun LS321R+pressure switch+switch pic rail mount: $500 shipped Prices are firm as they are both significantly reduced from retail to reflect...
    $1,450 USD
  3. FN PS90
    Last year I was able to SBR, and this year I got a suppressor. I ended up with a modular NYX Mod 2 from Energetic Armament. It is so light you don't even know it's there. Took just over 6 months after they cashed the check.
  4. FN PS90
    A year ago I started working on a better way to mount a laser to my PS90 SBR. I went through several prototypes and have finally come up with one that is nearly perfect. It puts the laser at your fingertips to be easily turned on and off, doesn't interfere with the charging handle, is solid...
  5. Guns & Gun Items For Sale (Non FN)
    Been hoarding a few Peq2as for builds that aren't materializing. If you're looking for one, I have a couple! Pics on request! $725 PayPal shipped
  6. FN PS90
    Well, I gained access to a milling machine and was able to make a one piece mount for a CMR-206 that is centered directly under the barrel. It does have to come off to strip the weapon, but is easy to turn on and off, and does not otherwise interfere with weapon manipulation. I used the factory...
  7. FN FNS
    I have a FNS-9c and a Crimson Trace Railmaster CMR-206 and cannot find holsters that work anywhere. I have contacted several companies that make custom holsters like Alien Gear and Raw Dog Tactical along with a few others that all use and make the Kydex shell. None of them are able to make me...
  8. SCAR Accessories, Scopes & Mods
    I'd like to put a nice smaller laser on my scar 17s but all Ive seen lately in reviews are none of the smaller green lasers (ones that don't look like a flashlight from a distance) can hold up to the shock of a 308 round. I'd like to stay under $200 if possible. Emphasis on if possible. One of...
  9. FN FNS
    Just purchased a new FNS-40 black on black! Loved it since it first touched my hand. Worth the money for sure. Shoots very well and accurately. I dont plan on carrying this gun much unless openly at the range. Was looking to get some ideas on a good low profile laser to fit on the rail. No...
  10. FN FNX
    I just got a FNX-9 in the two tone recently and I am looking for any aftermarket parts that will make the gun more awesome than it already is. My main search is for a laser sight, but any other parts that may be awesome are welcome as well! I just want the most badass gun I can have!
  11. FN FNX
    Hello All, I purchased the FNX 45, one week ago. It was my first gun ever. I feel in love with it. I know currently a lot of threads have been discussed but i have a few questions. I appreciate anyone taking the time to respond. A little bit of a background, my family does not like guns, it was...
  12. Want to Buy
    Hi, I have the recent Standard version of the PS90, and currently on the look out for compatible optics. I know the top rail sits really high, so I'll definitely have to take that into consideration when buying optics / sights. Also if you have any other accessories like Laser, Fore Grip...
  13. FN Five-seveN
    Just bought a Five-seveN --- looking around for laser designators...advice? and confirmation that the rails are Picatinny?
  14. FN FNS
    I am considering purchasing a Streamlight TLR-4 and was wondering if anyone was able to post any pictures of their TLR-4 on a FNS-9. I was also wondering if I could get some reviews on the light/laser combo. The things I am worried about is the durability of the frame of the TLR-4 and the lasers...
  15. FN FNX
    I was on the forums the other day and clicked a link on a thread that lead me to a handgun flashlight that had several different colored buttons on the side (I think I saw it here). If I read the description right it was a flashlight with a laser, I'm assuming the red button was a laser. I have...
  16. FN FNP
    Do they make any recoil spring lasers for the FNP-9? I see endless Glock versions but I haven't been able to track down any FNP versions. Anyone found any?
  17. FNP Accessories
    Hey guys, i just ordered the Streamlight TLR-4 off optics planet for $112 with free shipping. It looks like this combo from streamlight just came out so once i get it Ill post my feedback with it. From what I here when it comes to the quality of the other streamlight products the reviews are...
1-17 of 17 Results