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  1. FN FAL
    Hi, Any body out there with a Luxemburgian SAFN of FN49 sniper serial#162? Let me know. According the great FN49 book i should say serial #7162 since there sniperrifles started with serial 7001 to 7213. There were like 213 Luxemburgian snipers made and of those 213, some 100 OIP scopes were...
  2. FN FAL
    Anyway, much to tell about this ultra rare FAL. As you might know, Luxembourg as a country has the size of twice New York city. Some 500.000 people live there and they got a tiny symbolic army. Abrevation on weapons is "AL". The Gendarmerie is some kind of statepolice based on a military...
1-2 of 2 Results