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  1. (2) NIB M249 Para barrels

    FN Guns and FN items For Sale
    I have (2) new in bag FN M249 Para barrels I was going to use in other projects but have a baby on the way so I'm clearing house now. I paid a bit over 400 per shipped originally. Asking $300 shipped per or $500 shipped for both. Email is the fastest way for questions. Thanks! Josh (I also...
  2. USMA CWT 5th Houghton Memorial Match

    Freestyle Room
    hey all, i was at west point on sunday competing in the Houghton Memorial shoot. it was a great time. 8 stages testing our shooting, memory, and skills under "stress"/heavy breathing. we shot pistol strong hand and weak hand. pistol shots out to 40 meters. rifle out to 375m with a bonus at...