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  1. FN M249s
    Does anyone know a pinned/welded M249 para barrel will be 16"+ (non-SBR length)?
  2. FN M249s
    Any reports on short and long-term usage of Wolf or other steel-cased ammo in the M249S? Any observed function or wear issues? I know this is an expensive gun so maybe using the cheap ammo in it does not make sense, but it also can burn through a lot of ammo in a short time even in its semi...
  3. FN M249s
    Does anyone have a list of parts that fit both the military M249 machine gun AND the M249S semi-auto? Just trying to assemble a list of spares. I understand that the barrels are interchangeable but not sure how many other parts do now that production models are actually shipping. Thanks
  4. FNH USA
    I just received an email survey from FN regarding the pricing of the NEW M249S (semi version of the M249 Squad Automatic Weapon). The survey asked basic demographic questions and specific questions about pricing of the M249S. I took some screen grabs of the questionaire... I can...
1-4 of 5 Results