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mag catch

  1. FNX 45 Bullet Casing Dents Pt. 2

    FN FNX
    Hey guys. New to the forum, however not knew to my duty firearm. Fiancé bought me my prized handgun and I added the optics, however I’m straying away from the fact that it likes to eat my ammo. (Literally) this is the ONLY box of self defense ammo I have kept in this firearm and it dents the...
  2. Need a FN57 mag catch spring for usg.

    Want to Buy
    Just as title says, need a mag catch release spring for usg model 57. Rather have updated but will take the old version as well. Thanks. Edit-will trade a NIB fnx 45 non tactical barrel for the newer version, or some 57 ammo. Let me know.
  3. mag drops when slide is racked, weak mag catch spring?

    FN Five-seveN
    Im having trouble with my five seven mag catch after the spring slipped out like everyone else, l had a hard time putting it back in but i finally got back in there but after getting a 30 round promag last night every time i loaded a round into the chamber the mag would fall when the slide...