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  1. Has anyone seen this type of malfunction before??

    FN PS90
    I was firing my PS90 at the range yesterday and after about 60 rounds the gun stopped firing. I took the magazine out and found that the bullets were not being seated properly in the chamber. When I took the gun home to clean and inspect it, I found that there was a piece of a shell casing which...
  2. PS90 suddenly Fails to Feed

    FN PS90
    Hi, I’ve had my PS90 for about 5 years and run roughly 2,000 rounds through it without a single issue…until my last two trips to the range. I was firing SS197SR ammo (Product #: 10700017) and had several failures to feed some rounds simply weren’t stripped from the magazine and moved to...
  3. Type 3 malfunction

    FN SCAR 16S
    I am the happy owner of my new SCAR 16S and still happy after the newly inflated prices! Right after I got it I started going through the malfunction drills as taught by Front Sight, and I noticed my chubby fingers don't fit well in the upper to clear the double feed (or Type 3) malfunction...
  4. FNP 45 Decocker Only Questions

    FN FNP
    I am new to this forum and FN so please forgive me if this is over asked or anything. Just looking around online for some good ol' 45's and i found the FNP 45 online and was impressed. Good things were said about it and when i found what I thought was a good price for it (580 NIB w/ 3 mags and...