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  1. Homeland Guns W.O.R.(Wash Out Remover) for Meprolight 21 Optic

    Guns & Gun Items For Sale (Non FN)
    "Like new" Homeland Guns W.O.R. for Meprolight 21 optic. I had it mounted on my Tavor IDF but never fielded and literally have played with it for all of 5 minutes. Comes with everything it came with new. $25 shipped USPS anywhere in the lower 48. PayPal Gift or add 4% or USPS Money Order...
  2. help which to choose

    Optics, Mounts, Sights
    i just bought a Tavor X95 and ive been looking at optics tirelessly. i feel like i've narrowed it down between the MRO and the RX34, does anybody use the trijocn reflex's? it seems like the MRO's get much more hype but the reflex is about the same price and i cant decide which to get. my LGS...