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  1. FN SCAR Photo Section
    Funny story- went to get a fun plinker for my son- Picked up the MK22 (scar clone). we had a blast (great deal as it comes with 3 22rd mags). Anyway- i never gave the SCAR much thought. Well that all changed last Sunday plinking with my son. Man- I just loved the feel of that rifle. 24 hours...
  2. Black Rifle Room
    Hey guys, With our muzzle threaded at a standard 1/2"x28 to receive the flash hider, Im wondering if the "silencer adapter" is necessary for certain fake Cans. Adapter: - View Shopping Cart , will I be able to just screw this thing straight on?. Has anyone tried to do this without the...
  3. Black Rifle Room
    Hey guys, Unbelievably hard to get this Mk22 in San Francisco for some reason. I had one in my hand in a shop and the owner was literally trying to give it away and I thought (its a .22...I dont need this). By the time I figured out they are pretty awesome and the best option for cheap...
1-3 of 4 Results