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  1. New to FNH, and New to the SCAR Family

    FN SCAR Photo Section
    Funny story- went to get a fun plinker for my son- Picked up the MK22 (scar clone). we had a blast (great deal as it comes with 3 22rd mags). Anyway- i never gave the SCAR much thought. Well that all changed last Sunday plinking with my son. Man- I just loved the feel of that rifle. 24 hours...
  2. ISSC MK22 Fake Supressor Adaptor

    Black Rifle Room
    Hey guys, With our muzzle threaded at a standard 1/2"x28 to receive the flash hider, Im wondering if the "silencer adapter" is necessary for certain fake Cans. Adapter: - View Shopping Cart , will I be able to just screw this thing straight on?. Has anyone tried to do this without the...
  3. ISSC MK22: Supressors, Scopes, acessories, etc

    Black Rifle Room
    Hey guys, Unbelievably hard to get this Mk22 in San Francisco for some reason. I had one in my hand in a shop and the owner was literally trying to give it away and I thought (its a .22...I dont need this). By the time I figured out they are pretty awesome and the best option for cheap...