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  1. FN SCAR 17S
    My brand new Scar 17s picked up yesterday, along with a DDM4V5 for comparison. Time to get to work on adding to the Scar. I have ordered a Grip-Pod and an Atlas bipod to see which I like better, as well as 2 different charging handles (GGG angled and Impact Weapon Components) to try them out. I...
  2. Welcome
    Hello. I have recently become an FNH owner and am glad to find a site dedicated to them. I picked up a 5.7 x 28 about a month ago, and am on my waiting period for my new Scar 17s, which I should have in less than a week from today. I am looking to outfit my 17s with an optic for shooting between...
  3. FN SCAR 16S
    I'm sure a lot of you are like me and like to tinker with you guns; adding this, changing that, etc. So, what are your favorite mods that you've done to your 16s?
1-4 of 4 Results