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  1. FN SCAR 17S
    My brand new Scar 17s picked up yesterday, along with a DDM4V5 for comparison. Time to get to work on adding to the Scar. I have ordered a Grip-Pod and an Atlas bipod to see which I like better, as well as 2 different charging handles (GGG angled and Impact Weapon Components) to try them out. I...
  2. Welcome
    Permit me to introduce myself to this group.....today I made what I honestly view as the a wonderful purchase, motivated by a horrible tragedy, that I believe will in a short period of time once again have a devastating impact on our collective Second Amendment Rights. Permit me to start with...
  3. FN FNP
    Newbie’s Guide to Trouble Free Ownership of the FNS 1. Check the contents of the storage case (P.3). 2. Read the owner’s manual…. 3. Initial Cleaning of Pistol (P.15, 31-37). 4. Mark magazines in order to tell them apart. 5. Pull slide back & lock, leave open for one week. 6. Load magazines...
1-3 of 3 Results