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  1. soon-to-be new owner and thank you

    FN PS90
    So, I should be picking up my shiny, new PS90 next Friday. I'm super stoked and mainly just wanted to say thanks for all the info on here, it's been a huge help. I've wanted a P90 forever because of Stargate SG-1, but I'm not really a huge gun nut, so I never bothered to see if there was a...
  2. FNX9/40 owners please help!

    FN FNX
    Hey guys I just bought my first FN pistol and I like it but I have a couple concerns, things I don't know whether or not are normal for the pistol, or if I got a lemon. 1. When the hammer is cocked and in single action, when I engage, and then disengage the safety, there is a slight click at the...
  3. Newbie�s Guide to Trouble Free Ownership of the FNS

    FN FNS
    Newbie’s Guide to Trouble Free Ownership of the FNS Newbie’s Guide to Trouble Free Ownership of the FNS. 1. Check the contents of the storage case (P.3). 2. Read the owner’s manual…. 3. Initial Cleaning of Pistol (P.15, P.29-38). 4. Mark magazines in order to tell them apart. 5. Pull slide...
  4. First Gun FNX 45

    FN FNX
    Hello All, I purchased the FNX 45, one week ago. It was my first gun ever. I feel in love with it. I know currently a lot of threads have been discussed but i have a few questions. I appreciate anyone taking the time to respond. A little bit of a background, my family does not like guns, it was...
  5. New guy from OK

    Hello all. I've been reading post for awhile, I am picking up my new scar 17s. Tomorrow so I figured it was time to join the group. Looks like a lot of wonderful stuff on this unique rifle here. Thanks to all for making it happen. over the next several months I will be outfitting my new...