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  1. Where is it made?

    FN PS90
    I just purchased a PS90 at a local shop and am filling out a Form 1 to SBR it. I am stuck on 4a Name and address of original manufacturer and or importer of firearm. There are 3 different things on the rifle. In white on the metal part under the rail it says FN Columbia SC. Right below where the...
  2. Repeal the Hughes Amendment Poll

    Freestyle Room
    I've always been curious what the general census was among the gun community on repealing the current ban on newly manufactured machine?
  3. Help Overturn 18 USC 922(o) & NFA

    SBR, Suppressors and NFA Items
    Came across this on AR15,com... Donate if you want your FA rights restored, guys! :up: * Help Overturn 18 USC 922(o) & NFA NEW DONATION LINK HERE: https://hellerfoundation.org/hvh/ Help Overturn 18 USC 922(o) & NFA by Stephen Stamboulieh - GoFundMe * NOW ACCEPTING DONATIONS--ATF approved...
  4. South Carolina SBR Help

    SBR, Suppressors and NFA Items
    Can anyone with first hand knowledge tell me if the citizens of South Carolina can legally purchase a SBR? I've been researching this for a while now. I've been told SBRs are not legal, but my suppressor is. I don't want to spend money on one in the near future if I would have to sell it...
  5. Just got my form 1 approved. Quick question.

    SBR, Suppressors and NFA Items
    Hey guys, just got my form 1 approved for a SBR lower. I e-filed it via my local ffl and was surprised to see the stamp sitting in my inbox just 3 months later. I wanted to ask the e-filers how they keep their stamped document. Is printing it out fine? I know when you paper file it you get back...
  6. FS: SCAR 16 CQC (10" Barrel) with extras - NFA Item

    FN Guns and FN items For Sale
    I am exploring the sale of my SCAR 16s "CQC" and accessories. This rifle has roughly 1500-2000 rounds through it, runs great suppressed or not and of course is a NFA item. I have been waiting for FN to release other barrels but other than buying a 16" they have yet to appear, and want to move on...
  7. SCAR 16S Suppressor...

    SBR, Suppressors and NFA Items
    Hey all. I'm looking to get a suppressor for my Scar 16s and was looking for some advice. What works and what doesn't? My only restriction is the price. I'm looking to keep it under $700 (Not including the stamp). Try and sell me a suppressor. From what I've heard the AAC Ranger3 is sounding...