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  1. 2nd Amendment and General Gun News
    http://home.nra.org/pdf/Wayne_LaPierre_1-22-13.pdf If feed not avail its only a few minutes to read REPLAY HERE http://home.nra.org/#/home
  2. FN FS2000
    NRA LIFE Membership for $300. Normally life membership is $1,000. NRA Membership 1-888-678-7894 I know this has been posted in other topics -- just spreading the love
  3. 2nd Amendment and General Gun News
    This article is currently on the front page of the New York Times.....and make no mistake...if NRA intended to come out forceful and swinging today..despite how it may have appeared...this is how it was reported: “If it’s a panel that’s just going to be made up of a bunch of people that, for...