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  1. Vortex Razor HD Gen II-E 1-6 w/ Scalarworks Leap Scope Mount

    SCAR Accessories, Scopes & Mods
    I'd like to start out by saying I did countless hours of research before purchasing this combination for my FN SCAR17s... Everything I read online claimed the FN SCAR17s is "an optic eater" or "will destroy sub par optics". I went with the Vortex Razor HD GEN II-E (MSRP $2000) based on their...
  2. Trijicon SRO Specialized Reflex Optic on PS90?

    FN PS90 Accessories & Mods
    Does anyone have one, or any experience? I'm curious of how it stands up to the RMR. They have the same mounting system so they're both compatible with my mount. Interested since I assume Trijicon came out with the SRO to compete with Aimpoints new Acro. Seem's convenient due to the fact you...
  3. Optic mounting plate. FNX tactical

    FN FNX
    Gentlemen, have a FNX for about a month and love it. Never used a reflex red dot but want to try one (inexpensively) on my FNX Tactical. If i like it i will upgrade but do not wasnt to spend 500 to learn. My questions are: 1.what would you buy with a 6moa dot. 2. What sight fits on the...
  4. Quick SCAR Optic Questions!

    FN SCAR 17S
    I've had my SCAR 17s for a number of years now, but I only JUST found out it's known as an eater of optics. I've owned a Leupold HAMR scope for about 3 years now, thus far no problems. That being said, I'm a little concerned, has anyone had any problems with this scope on the SCAR 17s? What kind...
  5. Leupold Mark 4 1.5-5x20 MR/T 1"...SPR reticle + Leupold IMS Mark 2 mount $475 shipped

    Guns & Gun Items For Sale (Non FN)
    Leupold Mark 4 1.5-5x20 MR/T 1"...SPR reticle + Leupold IMS Mark 2 mount $475 shipped $475 shipped. Sold the scar...optics need to go. upgrading to some LR glass for my bolt action. I'll get pics up tonight, otherwise, shoot me a PM and i can e-mail you pics asaply Cheers Optic was...
  6. PS90 FNH Optic or Red Dot...

    Want to Buy
    Interested in buying a stock optic or red dot sight for my new PS90. If anyone has one for sell, let me know which one and for how much.
  7. Trijicon MRO on a PS90 with a Design Machine Mount.

    FN PS90 Accessories & Mods
    I mounted the Trijicon MRO on a Design Machine mount two weeks ago and after a couple of range trips, I couldn't be happier with the combination. It gives a cheek weld very similar to an AR with a lower 1/3 co-witness mount. It's precision is more than adequate, the field of view is great, and...
  8. FNP 45 Tactical Mounting Plate Issues

    FN FNP
    First post here, so I apologize in advance if this is the wrong place for this. I am attempting to mount a red dot optic on my FNP for the first time and was set to use the Burris mounting plate, but found an issue. One of the dowels (the shorter side) appears to be canted and not squared up...
  9. WTB: Green Dot Fiber Optic Ring Sight

    Want to Buy
    If anybody has a Green Dot Ring Sight for sale, pm me. I am looking to purchase one for export to Canada. - $250 used (depending on condition) - $400 NIB or if you could provide me with a lead on one that would be appreciated. Thanks,
  10. WANTED: PS90 Optics, Laser, Fore Grip, Flashlight, Sling, Vest, etc.

    Want to Buy
    Hi, I have the recent Standard version of the PS90, and currently on the look out for compatible optics. I know the top rail sits really high, so I'll definitely have to take that into consideration when buying optics / sights. Also if you have any other accessories like Laser, Fore Grip...
  11. Trijicon Mini ACOG Green Reticle TA44SG-10 BNIB

    Guns & Gun Items For Sale (Non FN)
    I just received this brand new in box Trijicon Mini ACOG with green reticle. The model is TA44SG-10. The optic is brand new (just arrived yesterday) and has never been mounted or fussed with in any way. It comes in a plastic pelican-style case with all factory included accessories (scope cover...
  12. Aimpoint Comp M3 ... SMOKIN' DEAL!

    Optics, Mounts, Sights
    For those looking to get into a high quality Aimpoint red dot ... it doesn't get much better than this! Hope some of you can benefit from this post. Deal of the Day
  13. Elcan SpecterDr not fitting on 16s

    SCAR Accessories, Scopes & Mods
    I'm trying to mount a brand new Elcan SpecterDr 1-4x on the top rail of my 16s. When I try to mount it and secure the levers, the Elcan is very loose!! Has anyone else had this problem? I so wanted this scope to work properly. Has anyone else had a problem mounting their SpecterDr 1-4x on...