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  1. FN Guns and FN items For Sale
    Recently inherited this unfired Five Seven IOM and am looking to sell it to a collector in need. This gun is unfired other than from the factory and spent most of its days sitting in a gun safe. Comes with the Original Box, Literature, IOM Letter, Three 10rd Magazines, and extras.
    $1,800 USD
  2. NON-FN Guns and NON-FN Items For Trade
    I would like to part ways with my Beretta M9A3. I love the gun, but I managed to track down the 9mm that I've wanted for years and would like to fund the purchase. This pistol has been very reliable! I put around 200 rounds through it. It comes with the ammo can style case and 3 17-round 9mm...
  3. FN Five-seveN
    Just picked up a Five-seveN in OD Green... Aren't they kind of a Unicorn these days? I found it at a local gun store, It's tax free weekend here in Mississippi so I couldn't pass it up. It came with the box, mags, and paperwork just like new, and appears to be unfired. Aren't they kind of rare?
  4. Guns & Gun Items For Sale (Non FN)
    For sale is a B&T GHM9. This is a Gen 1 with updated feedramps. It comes with the collapsable pistol brace and tailhook. It will also come with five (5) B&T magazines. I purchased this about a year ago, less than 500rds through it. Kept clean, lubricated, and in great condition. It also has HBI...
  5. FN FNS
    Hello FrieNds, I have a few different FNS pistols and interchange some parts on them. Does anyone know what parts are interchangeable on FNS pistols? As far as I know: FNS-40 slide works on a FNS-9 frame. I do this. FNS-9L slide fits on normal FNS-9 frame. I saw a guy online who attached his...
  6. Guns & Gun Items For Sale (Non FN)
    A handmade miniature. Scale: 1: 5 Caliber: 2mm Price: 150 $ The gun is made of nickel-based metal which is close to weapon steel when it comes to hardness characteristics but unlike steel it is corrosion-resistant. The handle is decorated with beautiful yellow metal cheeks. 10 special...
  7. FN FNS
    I have been searching everywhere for a second slide for my FNS9c. I have tried midwest and FN directly and they don't have them/ don't carry them. I do not need the whole assembly just the slide. I am looking to have one milled for a red dot, however, I would like to have a second one remain...
  8. FN Hi Power
    Hi, First of all sorry about my poor English, my name is Enrique Tsuchikame from Lima, Peru. I own a FN Herstal BDA9 (Browning Hi Power BDA), I'm looking for some spare parts since long time ago that I can not get anywhere. I thought maybe somebody could tell me where I could find them. I´ve...
  9. FN Guns and FN items For Sale
    I have a "like new" FNX-45 Tactical pistol case. It comes with pouches for all your pistol accessories as well as a pouch for your suppressor. This case will hold your pistol, paperwork, 2 spare magazines and a suppressor. If you want the FN pistol lock with the case, send me a message stating...
  10. NON-FN Guns and NON-FN Items For Trade
    I have a lot of Firearms to trade, but i am looking for a great condition FiveSeven - - i do have a 2007 Benelli Ducks Unlmtd - Never been fired, Mint cond., factory Stickers still on and un scratched the barrel has never even touched the Receiver here is one pic... please help!!!
1-10 of 12 Results